Win Your Tenders With Masterstroke

Every senior and middle manager knows how difficult it is to find the right tender for their team. Preparing for each tender is not an easy task and requires companies and development teams to demonstrate their full potential. This process can also be quite costly.

looking for tenders

The first stage of preparation for participation in the tender is the selection of a suitable tender. Today, there are a large number of tender sites, but, nevertheless, the search process remains a difficult task that takes quite a lot of time and requires an intelligent product procurement manager and an international lawyer in your team. In addition, it is necessary to decide on the tender platforms, which is difficult for the teams without experience. The overwhelming majority of tender sites are a paid resource and cannot be used without registration.

The jurisdiction of the company that is going to apply for participation in the tender is important. Some companies will have to face serious obstacles to participating in tenders in a number of countries, as it will be necessary to comply with the requirements of the regulations adopted by these countries.

In the process of searching for a suitable tender, be prepared to encounter a large number of intermediaries who, in the interests of the customer, will conduct preliminary tests of your team to examine its competence and expertise in the required field of development, or they will offer you to provide a portfolio of the company and feedback from your clients on the work performed. Not all of them are honest and act exclusively in the interests of their clients. There are fraudulent schemes, the purpose of which is to reduce the cost of development at the expense of “donors”, in which the tender is fictitious.

tender selection

Even if you get to the desired tender, you still have to work hard to evaluate the profitability of this tender for your company and identify all the bottlenecks in it in a timely manner. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of nuances, each of which can be crucial in the tender process.

We can simplify this time-consuming task for companies and software development teams, and we invite you to use our tender search services.

What we can do for you:

Customized search for tenders with a focus on the possibility of your company or team's participation in them;
General comments within the framework of the selected tender (what to look for, how to look convincing, what actions of the team will help bring it closer to victory);
Customized search for demand for services;
Technical consultations by our highly specialized specialists;
Customized search for representatives for your company and (or) partners around the world;
Usability engineering services;

Cooperation with Masterstroke provides obvious benefits:

The ability to focus the company's efforts on other tasks, rather than sifting through Internet information sources
Saving money & costs
Reducing time costs

Win the tender - reach a new level in software development and project budgeting!


Beat your competitors - study the demand and connect new customers to your services!


Become a representative or find your partner in any country or region of the world!

Make your choice!

Follow this Instruction and order your Tender Service Package:

  • Step 1:

    Carefully read the Public Contract for the provision of information and consulting services.

  • Step 2:

    Examine the offered Tender Service Packages and choose the one you need.

  • This is important ! If you have reviewed everything and still don't know where to start, then we recommend that you go from simple to complex. Start with the "Junior" or "Advanced" Service Packages. Order a service and look closely at the Result after it is done. Each of our Service Packages contains very helpful general commentary. Next, study the tender documents. Evaluate the expertise of your team in terms of the tasks assigned to the developers. We recommend to involve technical architects or other experienced developers who possess perfect skills in software development and have at least 10 years of experience in development. Make a decision about the need to attract additional Service Packages for you. If your decision is a positive one, please contact us, so that we can assist you in selecting a new, more advanced Services Package. In this case, a discount may be applied to the cost of the new Service Package in the amount of the previously provided Services, provided that the new Service Package is more expensive than the previously provided one. The period from the date of signing the Services Acceptance Act of the rendered Services Package, in the case of a discount, shall not exceed 15 working days.

  • Step 3:

    Click on the “Application Form” button at the bottom of this page and go to the page with the electronic form to fill out.

  • Step 4:

    Fill in all the fields of the electronic form, in order. The information entered must be accurate and reliable, abbreviations must not have multiple interpretations, the search criteria must not be inaccurate, absurd or unnecessarily exaggerated.

  • Step 5:

    Check the correctness, completeness, and reliability of all information entered in the sections of the electronic application form and press the accept button.

  • After you complete the form, our representative will contact you with further information to clarify the cost of the Services and issue an invoice.

Congratulations, you are one step closer to your goal!