AI Solutions for Medicine and Pharmaceuticals Industry


Healthcare, pharmaceutical industry and AI solutions for them

Our company develops and implements modern solutions and software products for the healthcare sector (clinics, laboratories, research centers, educational institutions), pharmaceutical companies and pharmacy chains. We are glad to offer you:

  • software solutions for modeling and assessing the population's susceptibility to infectious diseases with a high mortality rate;
  • software solutions for medium-term predicting of epidemics, modeling their consequences;
  • software solutions for the selection of candidates for clinical trials of medicines;
  • software solutions for managing clinic operations and increasing the efficiency of all business processes;
  • unified sets of software solutions designed for psychiatric, physiotherapy and cardiology centers, as well as for independent physicians;
  • software solutions for the diagnosis of diseases for oncology, dermatology and cardiology;
  • innovative complex solutions and mobile applications (iOS, Android) for pharmacy chains, allowing you to increase profits, simplify customer interaction and gain a competitive advantages in your region;
  • software solutions for educational institutions to provide quality and effective learning processes based on AR and AI technologies.

We are pleased to offer our customers solutions and software development on the following topics:


Diagnosis of diseases

Group 171

Predicting epidemics, modelling the consequences


Clinical Trial Research

Group 169

Management of clinics and hospitals

Group 173

Unified sets of software solutions for psychiatric, physiotherapy and cardiology centers, clinics and doctors


Diagnostics of diseases (solutions for recognition tasks)

Group 188

Increasing profits, achieving competitive advantages, ensuring effective interaction with clients (pharmacy chains)

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