AI Solutions for Medicine and Pharmaceuticals Industry


AI Models For Pharma & Biotech

Our company has ability to provide modern solutions and can construct predictive models for the medical and pharmaceuticals industry. Specifically we can develop the following:

  • the construction of prognostic models for assessing the susceptibility of the population to infectious diseases with a high degree of mortality
  • building long-term and medium-term forecasting models for predicting the occurrence, development of epidemics and their prevention
  • building models for the selection of the most suitable candidates for clinical trials of a given drug
  • development of models that determine the effectiveness of a drug
  • development of models to construct molecular bonds using virtual combinations (application models for CCAD)
  • building models in which research papers and abstracts can be found for transformation of data into “known facts”

Disease Identification/Diagnosis


Modeling disease projections & building distribution models


Clinical Trial Research


Medical records


Epidemic outbreak prediction


Discovery & development of new drugs


Automation of diagnosis of diseases

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