AI Solutions for the Industrious Sector

AI Solutions for Cement Industry


Control of the rotary kiln and cement mills


Improve efficiency in cement production process


Smart factory & energy savings


Emissions monitoring control system


Temperature monitoring and control system


Delivery truck logistics and planning in real-time


Cement Production Control Model

We can offer the construction of an expert operational system of control and systems for controlling technological processes for the production of cement and products based on it at all stages: mixing components, grinding, burning.

The systems will be able to implement situational management aimed at preventing emergency situations, improving the quality of products by modeling production processes and narrowing the spread range parameters at each stage.

AI Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry


Optimization of the drilling process


Reserve estimation of existing fields & accessibility for extraction


Seismic data analysis for the best exploration sites


Digitization of data and records


Analysis of geological data and charts


Maintenance Prediction for oil and gas equipment


Oil Price Forecast Model

We are able to develop a model for forecasting oil prices taking into account geopolitical, climatic and other difficult to predict factors. To increase the accuracy of the forecast when building a model, we use a combination of several methods that mutually exclude each other's shortcomings. As a result, we get a hybrid model that, taking into account the requirements for the final product, most fully reflects the complex relationship of various factors.


Oil & Gas Consumption Model

Another model that we can develop is for the prediction of gas or oil consumption in the region based on various factors.


Demand Model

We build models for the forecasting of the demand for oil and gas in the regions and industries.

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