Our team is quite young, but very ambitious and resolute in its plans.
We are not just a team, but a cohesive team, each of us has a great experience in various projects, including international ones.

Our staff includes several dozens of specialists, including 1 professor, 1 doctor, 1 associate professor and several candidates of technical sciences, as well as graduates of universities, who had internships at large companies and famous universities and have experience working on their own projects.

Our team is able to solve complex and technical problems associated with the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Development of projects from “zero” to support in the process of operation, modernization of existing solutions, systems, algorithms, protocols etc.

As part of the projects, specialists of our company on a systematic basis are provided with an opportunity to improve their professional level through training, exchange of experience at various courses, seminars and conferences.

Our company is also working on its own developments in the field of artificial intelligence and augmented reality and other projects.