Our company was born in April and finally formed and was registered in October 2018.


We are a young team of very experienced and talented professionals. Our task is to implement ideas and projects in reality, in the search for solutions to improve and optimize various processes and technologies with the surrounding space, technology and people. Our team is accustomed to think creatively, to adopt and implement new, sometimes non-standard, technical solutions for the implementation of the task.

Briefly about some of us:

Andrew Zabolotnikov

Chief Information Officer, owner of the company, expert in safety technologies and information transmission systems.

Denis Vasiliev

Leading expert in the field of number theory, mathematical methods for protecting information, video compression algorithms.

Igor Mackarov

Highly qualified specialist in of fluid and gas mechanics, numerical simulation, machine/deep learning, including Convolutional Neural Networks.

Mikhail Bobov

Professor, chief specialist in the field of information security and information systems.

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