Who We Are and What We Do

Our company develops customized artificial intelligence systems for various spheres of human activity, such as trade, transport, logistics, tourism, education, manufacturing and media. We also create software solutions for individual devices or units.

Predict solutions , Artificial intelligence system

What are artificial intelligence systems?

These are search engines, predictive systems, recommendation systems, interactive chat bots (depending on their tasks, they can be a complex multi-level system or application) that perform tasks without human participation or with his regulated participation. Each of the artificial intelligence systems developed in our company can be implemented as a separate independent software or in the form of an add-on: an application, a module or a node in software deployed on the customer's side.

What tasks do artificial intelligence systems solve?

The most diverse: recognition, search, forecasting events or results, making recommendations or making decisions, processing and reproducing natural language, automate routine processes, optimize business processes, etc.

Artificial intelligence systems enable executives to predict key KPIs, model business processes and find optimal solutions in real-time, reduce costs, optimize costs and enhance competitive advantages.

Programming Areas







Types of Products We Develop

When creating products we use serverless model and microservices to build scalable, composable software systems.

  • 001-ai

    AI/ML Models

  • 002-machine-learning

    ML Ops Models

  • 003-application


  • 006-website

    Security Services

  • 007-big-data

    Data Integration

How Do We Help Our Clients

We help our clients:

to find new customers and to increase sales
to create AI models to find new market niches
to build predictive market scenarios based on external factors
to predict sales, demand and competition in the short, medium and long term
to predict the level of competition and to find solutions for digital business transformation to maintain competitive advantage
to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of collaboration between departments within companies
to save resources and to optimise costs
to improve and to modernise technical processes and devices
to create new products
to manage data streams in e-commerce
to predict cyber security risks across the business and to identify solutions to prevent them
to create secure software (including cryptographic protection)
to create fraud detection systems and modules

With our software products, you can:


Quickly find patterns in your data


Discover New Insights


Uncover Opportunities


Unlock Value In Your Business

Our Services

AI services


  • Predict systems
  • AI-based search engines
  • Optimization solutions
  • Management and recommendation systems at the operational level
  • Fraud detection
  • Scoring systems


  • Chatbots - experts in the subject area (area of responsibility)
  • Chatbots for search
  • Customer care chatbots
  • Chatbots for trade
App development services

Mobile & Web App Development

  • Construction of native and cross-platform apps. We use: Swift, Objective-C, C#, C++, JavaScript
  • Mobile app architecture
  • Mobile first design
  • PWA (progressive web apps)

AR & MR Applications

We offer AR & MR application development services for businesses.


Security Services

  • Development of software tools for information processing in a protected form
  • Software tools development for cryptographic protection of information

Our main goal is to take your business to the next level, bridging the gap between you and the top of the success you want to achieve


Business Analysis


Our experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of your business, identify its strengths and weaknesses, make statistical comparisons and identify the processes that need to be reconstructed.

Development of predict solutions for clients


Based on the information received, our business analysts and architects will be able to develop solutions that will improve the efficiency of existing business processes, reduce the time spent searching and processing information, improve product quality and optimize the number of employees involved in managing processes in the organization.


If you do not have confidence in the correctness of the approved concept or the chosen solution, we develop prototypes of AI search engines, forecasting systems (for example, MVP), applications in order to test the suitability of the concepts, architectural or technological solutions proposed for application.

How we can help clients with Artificial Intelligence Solutions


Our team will develop algorithms and models that can collect and analyze a large amount of data for modeling processes, events, making calculations, predicting KPIs, finding solutions or making recommendations.

Our company employs specialists in related fields, each of whom is involved in several areas

Many of us have experience in other high-tech areas and successfully apply their knowledge and experience in the field of data science. A number of specialists are currently engaged in research activities, are part of the scientific community and have published their work.


Our contribution to the study of global climate change

With each contract concluded between us and a client, we will spend part of the funds on developing software for monitoring the environment and predicting various factors that influence and are associated with global warming and climate change.

Predict solutions for Global Warming