AI Solutions for Ecology Industry


Environmental Models

We can offer models for the monitoring of the environment and other related fields. Specifically, we can develop the following:

  • building of hybrid early flood forecasting systems based on LSTM neural networks
  • monitoring of water quality in natural reservoirs and artificial reservoirs using satellite images of the area
  • search for sources of environmental pollution based on hybrid neural networks using satellite images of the area
  • research and construction of predictive models based on hybrid neural systems in the field of global climate change and the influence of individual factors on biological ecosystems
  • assessment model of the likely impact of catastrophic floods on infrastructure for flood risk management
  • construction of prognostic models for forecasting fires and their consequences on the environment

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Forecasting the effects of pollution of marine areas


Building climate maps to assess the impact of climate change on agriculture


Monitor emissions of harmful substances & assessment of environmental impact


Monitoring and building maps of the presence of flora and fauna in the region


Statistics and analysis of man-made accidents and disasters


Assessment of the probability of accidents and disasters recurring by region and industry