AI Solutions for Transport and Logistics Industry


AI Models For Air Transport

Our company has ability to provide modern solutions and can construct predictive models for the air transport industry. Specifically we can develop the following:

  • prediction of bird collisions with aircraft
  • prediction of aircraft entering high turbulence zones
  • forecasting flight delays
  • forecasting air crashes and a set of factors and conditions that contribute to the crash, building AI models
  • creation of optimization application systems for planning and management of air transport
  • modeling of the distribution of forces, momentums and stresses in aircraft structure, calculation of deflections, tilt and curvature of wing mechanization elements, tail unit of an aircraft
  • creation of prognostic models for servicing aircraft built on hybrid systems based on LSTM neural networks to predict failures and malfunctions in the operation of various units and components of the aircraft

Sea Transport Models

We can create a self-learning predictive logistics systems that will allow you to simulate a variety of hub traffic patterns, build ship arrival patterns at the port and their docking sequence in the short, medium and long term.


Railway Transport Models

We can implement an optimization application systems for planning and management of railway transport.

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