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AI Predictive model for highly pathogenic viruses

March 27, 2020

Our company monitors the situation in the world and is extremely concerned about what is happening. As professionals in the development and application of Artificial Intelligence and the construction of innovative predictive models, our company is looking for partners, investors and all interested parties to create highly accurate predictive models for modeling the emergence and…

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Masterstroke announces the opening of an exclusive testing and debugging department.

March 24, 2020
Quality Assurance

In a short time, we can understand the core requirements of your project and do a significant contribution to the business process with comprehensive feedback. We help development teams to deliver solutions faster without sacrificing the quality of the product. We work in well-established processes and understand bugs life cycles and their impact on the…

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New Promotion from Masterstroke Company

March 11, 2020
Step 1

Do you want to work in an IT company? You don’t have enough knowledge or you do not feel confident in your skills?  Don’t worry, now is your chance to try yourself and move closer to your dream. If you always wanted to work in an IT company, but you were missing something, the Masterstroke…

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