Masterstroke announces the opening of an exclusive testing and debugging department.

In a short time, we can understand the core requirements of your project and do a significant contribution to the business process with comprehensive feedback.

We help development teams to deliver solutions faster without sacrificing the quality of the product.

We work in well-established processes and understand bugs life cycles and their impact on the business.

We help identify severe issues at an early stage that makes your business efficient. There is a general fact that not detected bugs lead to loss of credibility from customers and a higher cost of fixing them in the future.

Do you need help in testing your product?
Take a look at how we can help you with it.

Our Services:

Hourly QA. Based on the requirements our qualified engineer can join your team for a short period of time and help with different tasks:

  • help to complete a project in time
  • assessment of the already defined testing to find areas of improvements, aggregate data
  • prepare various kinds of documentation: test plans, reports
  • strategic planning of application development
  • analyze competitors by different criteria based on deep research of the market and prepare a report on it
  • Selling letters and A/B testing on their returns

 Hourly Administration activities for Windows/Linux/MACOS/Mobile/Webservices:

  • configure complex environments
  • restore important services that are in an emergency or down

 Participate as a part of QA/Dev team for a short period of time if you don’t need full-time QA engineer

 Full QA testing cycle in Mobile, Artificial Intelligence, Desktop apps, Web apps, Network security areas, Configuration areas, Bank Software, Taxes calculation from the beginning of the project development cycle

 Dev Code analysis:

  • Static code analysis (check the code for compliance with programming guidelines, industry standards, analyze patterns that could lead do bugs)
  • Metrics Analysis (of software development cycle and analysis of it efficiency in future)
  • Data flow analysis (analyze what constants are frequently used over time and allows optimize code with regard to the execution time and memory usage)
  • Code coverage(function coverage, statement coverage, branch coverage, condition coverage, parameter value coverage, and сyclomatic сomplexity)
  • Peer code reviews( review code of the colleage before it is pulled into a branch)
  • Traceability
  • Unit testing

 Test process automation:

  • C#
  • Java (Selenium web driver)
  • Python
  • Powershell

We stand for the quality of the released projects and give real value for each customer. Conscientious attitude to our duties allows us to build long term relationships, and many customers prefer to get back to us with new challenges.

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