AI Predictive model for highly pathogenic viruses

In this difficult time for all mankind, Masterstroke cannot stand by and calmly watch tens of thousands of people painfully die worldwide from COVID-19, and hundreds of thousands of people are infected with it. Our company specializes in building high-precision forecasting systems under AI control and can develop software that allows you to calculate the likelihood of dangerous viruses in different regions of the world, their dynamics, conditions conducive to the spread of the virus, and take measures that will allow you to effectively counteract and deter such threats.

One has to admit that despite the warnings of epidemiologists and virologist doctors, humanity was not ready to face such threats, limiting itself to standard prevention of dangerous diseases. Innovative approaches are needed to evaluate and model such processes, reduce the time taken to take proactive measures to prevent the development of negative scenarios, and develop new drugs.

Every person from childhood knows that it is easier to prevent a disease than to cure it. The economic consequences of a pandemic can be comparable to the total damage caused to the global economy and individual countries over the entire period of World War II. The funds necessary to take measures to prevent such grave consequences amount to a thousand times smaller. Why is humanity overpaying so dearly?

We urge interested institutions, departments, companies, investors and just individuals to take part in the project “Shield” to develop a forecasting system under the control of AI, which would allow:

– predict the occurrence and spread of highly pathogenic viruses;

– accurately predict the occurrence of epidemics;

– simulate processes and conditions that contribute to the occurrence of diseases;

– simulate the spread of the virus in various environments, taking into account the influence (action, inaction) of the human factor;
– model scenarios of the impact of the epidemic on individual territorial entities;

– predict and calculate economic damage to individual territorial entities;

– to predict and calculate economic damage to the global economy as a whole;

– assess the impact and predict the consequences for financial markets, various industries and human activities;

– assess the environmental impact;

– formulate recommendations at different stages;

– make calculations at the operational and strategic level of management and planning;

– increase the effectiveness of the interaction between the various departments and divisions structures.

We accept and consider all offers for cooperation.
Since the project is in the “pipeline” stage, our company will promptly consider any suggestions and assistance, and will also be glad to any forms of cooperation, including in the framework of consultations: setting tasks, requirements for the “Shield” system.

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